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5 Reasons You Should Do Your Own Hair Today

Black girls laughing and loving their natural hair

Everyone with natural hair should be able to do their own hair. 

I used to go to the hair salon biweekly for a press and curl. And now I do my hair at home. I learned how to care for my hair, and I can maintain my hair, without the biweekly support of a hairstylist. Find out why I think you should be able to do the same. 

The Benefits of Doing Your Own Hair 



Learn Your Hair 

When you begin the process of styling your own hair, you will learn more about it. Styling your hair will allow you to learn that the texture of your hair changes in the middle of your head, or that you have a gray hair strand or that you have dry patches of skin at the nape of your neck. There are things that you can learn about your hair that stylists may not tell you when they are in the routine of their job. 

Save Money 

Saving money is the most obvious reason why you should do your hair at home. Regular salon visits can take a toll on your monthly budget. I would recommend you opt out of regular salon visits and watch YouTube tutorials for simple hairstyles like ponytails, wash n go, or finger coil. I recommend you save salon visits for services like keratin treatments, tape in installations, hair color treatments, and haircuts.

Save Time 

Time is valuable. Once you learn how to do your own hair, you will not have to work around someone else’s schedule. You will no longer have to deal with sitting under a hooded dryer for hours while the hairstylists service clients in front of you.

Avoid Hair Prejudice

Hair prejudice is real. Some hairstylists have clauses on their website that say that they will not service 4C hair. Or more commonly hairstylists ask clients to arrive at appointments with their hair washed and blow dried because it will be in a “manageable state” for styling.

Treat Your Hair With Care 

You can treat your hair with care for no additional cost. I am not tender headed, and I’ve had numerous hairstylists rip and tug at my hair during the blow-drying process. It was clear by the tangles and clumps of hair on the floor that my hair was not properly detangled or moisturized prior to blow drying. I recommend you learn how to properly detangle your hair at home. Also, you should add pre-pooing and deep conditioning to your wash day routine, free of charge. 


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