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How To Achieve A Long-Lasting, Defined Wash N Go On Type 4 Hair?

What is Wash and Go?

Wash and go is a popular natural hairstyle where you wash your hair, apply your products, and go. 

How To Get A Defined Wash N Go?

Step 1: Cleanse Your Scalp and Hair 

Thoroughly wet your hair with water. Then apply your shampoo of choice to your scalp. I regularly use Aussie Moist Shampoo because of the price point and the formulation of the product. This shampoo is cleansing and moisturizing. It does not feel like it is stripping my hair and it’s only $2.97 at Walmart. Massage the shampoo on your scalp for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat depending on how much visible product build up you have on your hair. 

Step 2: Condition + Detangle Your Hair 

Section your hair into 4 sections. Apply your conditioner of choice to wet hair. I regularly use Aussie Moist Conditioner because it quickly softens my hair and makes the detangling process easy. Finger detangle the conditioner into your hair, then use a wide tooth comb for a thorough detangling session. Apply as much conditioner as you need to detangle your hair properly. Your fingers or a comb should be able to easily glide through your hair. Once you complete one section, twist it out the way and repeat the listed steps for the other three sections. 

You can let the conditioner sit on your hair for a couple minutes for a mini deep conditioning session or you can rinse it out after you finish section four. I let the conditioner sit in my hair for about 15 minutes after I detangle my hair. I use this time as a deep conditioning session and a break from styling my hair.

Step 3: Plop Your Hair 

Use an old cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry your hair. 

Step 4: Gather Your Products

You will need the following products: 

  • water bottle spray 
  • leave in conditioner
  • gel
  • styler 
  • oil 

What Products Do I Currently Use?

Leave In Conditioner: Cantu Acai Berry Leave-In Repair Cream

Gel: Softee Argan Oil Styling Gel 

Styler: I use the same gel as a styler. 

Oil: Coconut oil 

Step 5: Section Your Hair 

Section your hair into 6 or 8 sections. The smaller the section the more defined your curls will be. 

Step 6: Apply Your Products 

Apply your products to damp hair. Use your water bottle to wet your hair as it dries. 

Apply your leave in conditioner of choice. Finger detangle your hair and evenly apply the product with your fingers. 

Apply gel based on the thickness of your hair. The thicker your hair — the more gel you should use for defined curls that last 3-4 days. 

If you want to clump your curls, use a denman brush and then apply more gel to hold the curls the brush formed. Clumping your curls is when two or more curls to stick together creating a curl that resembles a loose finger coil.

Apply your oil of choice. Applying oil to your hair helps to prevent flakes that may occur from the way your gel and leave in conditioner mix on your hair. If your hair products do not mix well it can lead to flakes and clumps of products left in your hair. These visible clumps of product usually dissolve into your hair and become less visible as your hair dries. 

Step 7: Style Your Hair

Part your hair the way you will like it to lay when it dries. Style your edges to your liking.

Step 8: Dry Your Hair

Choose your drying method of choice. You can allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser. I personally like to air dry my hair because I prefer to use little to no heat on my hair. 

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