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Watch this Beautiful Ode To Black Hair at the Country Music Awards

Guyton performance of Love My Hair at the Country Music Awards

Country singer Mickey Guyton performed Love My Hair alongside Brittney Spence and Madeline Edwards at the the Country Music Awards (CMA). Each singer rocked ‘larger than life’ afros and wore white gowns, which created a beautiful visual that paired perfectly with the song.

Guyton's Country Music Awards Performance of Love My Hair song
From left, Madeline Edwards, Mickey Guyton and Brittney Spencer at the Country Music Association awards in Nashville, Tenn., on Nov. 10, 2021. (Photo/ Donn Jones – CMA)

Love My Hair was inspired by Faith Fennidy’s viral story. In 2018, Fennidy went viral for being sent home because her braids violated school policy.

Fennidy, even, introduced Guyton to the stage by saying: “I am proud to say that I inspired the song that you are about to hear. This next artist created this song to make sure girls like me feel seen and loved. And that’s how you turn something very painful into something positive. With your help, we can work together to ensure the next generation grows up in a respectful and open world for natural hair”.


Click here to watch Fennidy’s introduction and Guyton’s performance of Love My Hair



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