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Natural Hair Terms You Need To Know If You Are “Transitioning”

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The natural hair community has its own lingo that has taken me years to learn. I created this list to help new naturals understand terminology used in conversation and Youtube videos. The faster you understand the terms below, the faster your hair will grow. 

Natural Hair Terminology & Slang

2nd-, 3rd-, 4th- Day Hair: Counts the  number of days since you last styled/applied styling products to your hair; The term is used to describe the volume you experience from the following hairstyles: twist out, braid out, wash n go, etc. 

ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar. Hair cleansing method that cleanses your hair, treat dandruff, and restores your hair PH level


Baggy Method: Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap as you deep condition

Big Chop: Cutting damaged ends of your hair before you transition to natural

Clarifying: Removing buildup on your hair from products, sweat, and dirt

Clumping your curls: Using a denman brush to define your curls. This method causes two or more curls to stick together creating a curl that resembles a loose finger coil

Coily: Tight Curls 


Co-wash: Wash your hair with conditioner only 

Creamy Crack: Perm

Dusting: Minimal trimming to the ends of your hair

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fairy Knot: Single strand knot where one hair strand tangles on itself; usually you will see a visible knot at the end of the hair strand 

Greenhouse Effect: Conducting the baggy method overnight

Hair Porosity: Describes how your hair absorbs moisture

Heat Damage: Damage your hair has experienced from excessive heat that causes curls to lose their shape

JBCO: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Leave In: Conditioner that can be left in your hair without rinsing out

LOC Method: Product Application method where you apply your hair products in the following order: Liquid (water in a spray bottle) first, followed by a hair Oil and finish with a hair Cream

LCO Method: Product Application method where you apply your hair products in the following order: Liquid (water in a spray bottle) first, followed by a hair Cream and seal with a hair Oil of choice

Pineapple: Gather all of your curls to the top of your hair with a scrunchie. Curl Preservation method that can double as lazy day hairstyle 

Plopping: Wrapping freshly washed hair in a cotton t-shirt to dry hair

Pre-Poo: Coat your hair with an oil of choice prior to shampooing your hair 

Product Junkie: A person that collects the latest hair products in pursuit of the best hair product 

Protective Styling: Hairstyle that minimizes manipulation where the ends of hair is tucked 

Slip: Description of ease that a conditioner provides when detangling your hair

Shrinkage: Description of how curls lose their length as they dry

Stretching: Technique used to combat hair shrinkage

Texturizing: Product similar to perm that loosens the curl pattern slightly 

Transitioning: Time period where you stop using chemicals and/or heat in your hair to restore your natural hair texture and hair health

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro

Wash n Go: Wash your hair, apply your products, and go. Popular natural hairstyle

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