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What Is A Coastal Granddaughter + How To Become One?

collage of Black woman wearing coastal granddaughter outfits

The coastal granddaughter aesthetic is derived from the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Check out how to become a coastal grandmother here.

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What’s The Difference Between The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic and The Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic?

The difference between the two aesthetics is the coastal granddaughter aesthetic is a fun, youthful approach to the coastal grandmother aesthetic. The coastal granddaughter aesthetic emulates a 20-something year old, who lives a relaxed life filled with leisure and happens to live near a coastline. The coastal grandmother aesthetic emulates a mature woman, who has a structured lifestyle, but is currently on vacation.

How To Be A Coastal Granddaughter?

What Is The Coastal Granddaughter Hairstyle?

The coastal granddaughter hairstyle is effortless curls or beach waves. To achieve this look, I recommend you do a braid out.

What Does A Coastal Granddaughter Wear?

A ‘coastal granddaughter’ outfit looks airy and funky. Commonly people dressing in this aesthetic play with patterns and wear oversized garments. A coastal granddaughter would wear a Hanes crewneck, Bermuda shorts, and an Urban Outfitters pattern bucket hat. Or a floral maxi dress and a beige cardigan

What Does A Coastal Granddaughter Eat?

A coastal granddaughter eats Pinterest-inspired salads paired with a glass of iced tea.

How Does A Coastal Granddaughter Spend Her Day?

A coastal granddaughter spends her day out in the Sun. She takes pictures on the beach. She rides her bicycle on the boardwalk. She parties on her boyfriends’ father’s boat. When she is indoors, she reads romantic novels and journal her goals. 

If you would like to try out this trend, you can look to Gilmore Girls and The Summer I Turned Pretty for inspiration in fashion and lifestyle to truly embrace this aesthetic.

The coastal granddaughter aesthetic is definitely a trend that I would like to try this summer. What are your thoughts? Do you want to be a coastal granddaughter full-time?

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