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5 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Every Hairtype

black woman with long natural hair

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Black women are documenting their hair growth journey online featuring their long tresses. And that can soon be you! Check out the five hair growth tips that will jumpstart your hair growth journey below.

1. Learn your hair

To learn about your hair, you must wear your hair natural. 


Questions to consider when learning about your hair are:

  • What is your hair type?
  • What is your hair prosperity?
  • What are your hair goals?
  •  What products work for you?

2. Eat healthy + Drink water

When you “eat for the hair, you want”, your hair will grow. Growing your hair internally can speed up your hair growth journey. I recommend eating leafy greens, green smoothies, and drinking water.

3. Use “natural’ products

Natural products work for everyone. (I personally use them, and I have recommended them to others). From my personal experience, natural products thoroughly moisturize my hair and stimulate growth better than a product on the market. I recommend shea buttercastor oil, and flax seed gel to anyone with natural. 

4. Try protective styles 

Protective styles can be beneficial to the growth of your natural hair if you take care of your hair in the style. Taking care of your hair consist of moisturizing and cleansing your hair while it is protected. I recommend twist as a short-term protective style and faux locs as a long-term protective style. 

5. Create a hair regimen 

Combine the steps above to create a hair regimen. Remember to create a hair regimen that fits your schedule and meets your hair goals and needs. 


Your natural hair regimen should include:

  • How often you deep condition your hair? 
  • How often you cleanse your natural hair? 
  • How often you massage your scalp?
  • How often you moisturize your hair? 
  • How you protect your natural hair at night? 
  • How often you wear protective styles? 

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