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7 of My Favorite Hair Trends From Pinterest

screenshot of KAYLANNK Pinterest Profile Screenshot

My Pinterest board, @aboutkaylannk on Pinterest, captures the beauty and versatility of natural hair. I’ve pinned hundreds of hairstyles this year that I truly adore –and only 7 of them made this list. These hairstyles are on my favorites list for the intricacy and versatility of the look. I’ve added a beginner friendly tutorial for each look,so you can recreate each style at home. 

1. Half Up, Half Weave Hairstyle

Half up, half weave Video Tutorial

2. Cornrow with Heart Design

Screenshot of Pinterest cornrows with designs board
Heart Design Cornrow Video Tutorial

3. Skunk Stripe Hair Color

Skunk Stripe Video Tutorial

4. Passion Braids

Pinterest screenshot of passion braids
Passion Braids Video Tutorial

5. Colored Roots – Billie Eilish Inspired Hairstyle

Colored Roots Video Tutorial

6. “Coi Leray” Braids 

Screenshot of Pinterest braids with curly ends board
Coi Leray Box Braids Video Tutorial

7. Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Wolf Cut Video Tutorial

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