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The Daily Guide To Becoming “That Girl”

What is The “That Girl” Trend? 

“That girl” is the girl that has her life together. She has an intense morning routine that jumpstarts her day allowing her to live the lifestyle that she wants to live. 

1. Wake Up Early 

Wake up at 5 am. Upon waking up, you drink lemon water, make your bed, and begin to create a daily to-do list.

2. Morning Workout

Move your body. You can do a 10-minute YouTube glute workout, a morning walk around the neighborhood, or go to the gym to hit the Stairmaster. You should workout wearing a cute athleisure set. 


3. Hygiene Routine 

Get ready for the day. With this trend they allot time for you to do an extensive morning beauty routine that consists of picking out a cute outfit, doing your hair, doing your makeup, and completing an intense skincare regimen. 

4. Eat Breakfast

Eat Healthy. You can make green juice and oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. You can add a latte if you need an extra kick to start your day. 

5. Lifestyle

Other things that you can do throughout the day to be that girl follows: 

  • Eat a fresh salad for lunch
  • Read a book
  • Drink 1 gallon of water
  • Take your vitamins
  • Complete tasks on your to-do list

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