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7 Cute Fall Hairstyles That You Can DIY At Home

Black woman rocking different hairstyles ie. twist, braids, wig

We listed 7 trendy hairstyles for you to choose from for your “back to school”, “the beginning of fall”, or “everyday” hairstyle. All the hairstyles below are so easy that you can recreate them yourself. We have attached YouTube tutorials to help with your DIY process.

1. Criss Cross Box Braids

Criss-cross box braids are a hybrid hairstyle of rubber band designs and knotless box braids. The criss cross design covers the front of the hairstyle to add an unique twist to your average box braids. 

Criss cross knotless braids Video Tutorial

2. Half Cornrows, Half Weave

Half and half hairstyles are perfect for those that can not decide which hairstyle they want to do. Half cornrows and half curly weave creates a cute bohemian look that is perfect to transition into Fall with. 

Half up half down with weave Video Tutorial

3. Heart Design Cornrows

Designs in cornrows are everything. Get that ‘Certified Lover’ look by adding a heart design to the side of your head like the ‘Certified Lover Boy’ himself.

Heart design cornrows Video Tutorial

4. Braided Ponytail 

Simplisticity is bliss. A braided ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for any look. 

Braided ponytail Video Tutorial

5. Passion Braids 

Passion braids are a level up from passion twists. This hairstyle is beginner friendly and it looks better the older it gets.  

Passion braids Video Tutorial

6. Underneath hair color

Color blocking is trending in fashion. You can color block with your hair color as well. Just add a peak of color to your hair for a cool effect. 

Sza-inspired wig Video Tutorial

7. Headband wigs

Headband wigs are a must try protective style for everyone. You can just throw it on and go.

Headband wig Video Tutorial

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