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Fall In Love With Your Natural Hair with My Favorite Songs

Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk natural hair songs. 

There are not many songs that have lyrics about natural hair. And of those very few songs, there are even a fewer number of songs that I actually like. Of all of the songs about natural hair these songs are my favorite because the lyrics captures the reality (the good and the bad) of having natural hair.

1. Solange ft. Sampha – Don’t Touch My Hair 

Solange – “Don’t Touch My Hair” Full Video

 Solange speaks for all of us when she sings “Don’t Touch My Hair”. The song starts with a polite request for people not to touch her hair. She sings that someone touches her hair because they don’t understand what her hair means to her. She goes on to explain why you should not touch her hair by simply singing because “this hair is mine”. 


2. India.Arie ft. Akon – I Am Not My Hair 

India.Arie – “I am not my hair” Full Video

India.Arie made a statement when she sang “I am not my hair”. In this song, she expressed that Black people are more than their hair and they should not be judged by their hairstyle of choice. Akon’s verse adds the male perceptive to this theme by rapping about hair discrimination that Black men experience.

3. Mickey Guyton – Love My Hair 

Mickey Guton – “Love My Hair” Full Video

Mickey Guyton’s lyrics describe her journey to loving her hair. She sings about how she did not love her hair at one point and now she does because she stopped caring how others perceive her. This song resonates with me because it is so relatable.

4. SiR ft. Kendrick Lamar- Hair Down 

Sir – “Hair Down” Full Video

SiR raps about how he cannot stress about things that he cannot control like people’s perception of him. He would rather relax or as he raps “let his hair down”. Kendrick’s verse continues with the theme of hair by alluding to different aspects of Black hair like edges. The video also depicts Black women rocking different natural hairstyles.

Written with lots of care, 



Your Internet BFF

P.S. Share in the comments your favorite songs about natural hair. 


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