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How To Blow Dry Natural Hair At Home?

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Natural hair is very versatile and that’s why I love it. I usually wear my hair curly, but when I want a change, I do a blow out. I like to blow out my natural hair because it allows me to see the length and shape of my hair in a stretched state without the risk of heat damage. If you want to get this look, check out my process below. It was easy and fast, thanks to the products I used. 

What Tools & Products Do You Need To Blowout Your Natural Hair? 

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How To Blow Out Your Natural Hair without Heat Damage?

Step 1: Cleanse Your Hair 

I like to start with properly cleansed hair because the result is a light and airy blow out. I cleanse and condition my hair with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Crystal Clean Kit. I like Uncle Funky’s Daughter products because these products leave my hair feeling moisturized. This is important to me when doing a blow out because I do not want my hair to feel dry before I apply heat. 

Step 2: Section and Detangle Your Hair

Detangled hair speeds up the blow-drying process when using a blow dryer with a nozzle. Plus, you will lose less hair when detangling prior to blow drying your hair. 

This is the most important step! I section my hair using hair clips then I detangle each section with a wide tooth comb. Then I braid the section up. I usually create about 4-6 braids. 

This step is optional. I like to allow my hair to air dry for about 30 minutes in the braids, so I will use less heat when blow drying. 

Step 3: Apply Heat Protectant 

I start from the back of my head, and I unravel one braid. Then I apply heat protectant to that section. 

Step 4: Blow Dry Your Hair

I begin to blow-dry my hair using the tension method. The tension method is when you use the blow dryer without the nozzle and apply the heat from the root to the end of your hair. While you are applying the heat, you are holding your hair taut (or stretching it downward or outward). 

After I do the tension method, I do the chase method with the blow dryer. I hold a wide tooth comb in one hand and the blow dryer without the nozzle in the other hand to do the chase method. I prefer this method versus using the blow dryer nozzle because my hair is thick, and the nozzle constantly falls off.

Optional Step 5: Flat Iron Your Hair

Lastly you can use a flat iron on low heat to pass through your hair for a sleeker look or to add curls to your hair. You can also add curls to your blow out using flexi rods.

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