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How To Save Money on Black Hair Products?

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1. Don’t Follow Trends

Natural hair trends pop up weekly. ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ on the latest hair care product, hair growth booster, and/or trending hairstyle is costly. To lower the expenses associated with these trends, you can recreate trendy hairstyles yourself with the help of a YouTube tutorial. If you like to have the latest hair product on the market, keep reading for a money-saving tip that is just for you. 

2. Use Natural Products

Organic products are money savers. Being able to use a product for multiple purposes will save you money. For example, grape seed oil is a natural oil that can be safely used on the body, face, and hair. If you use this oil for all its beauty purposes, you are guaranteed to get a “bang for your buck”. 


3. Try Travel Size Products First

Travel size items are a great way to try new products before splurging on the full-size item. Some companies even offer free samples of their products at events and online. 

4. Use Water as a Moisturizer

Save your money on the fad product and use water. Water is an efficient moisturizer.

In The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide To Textured Hair, Davis-Sivasothy states: “Our hair loves water. Black hair thrives when it is maintained in a high-moisture, hydration-focused environment. The proteins that make our hair are attracted to water, and water is incorporated extensively into our hair’s natural bonding structure” (p.68).

5. Shop during the Holiday Season

Schedule the bulk of your shopping for the holiday season. You can save money with annual sales likes Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  You can also save money by purchasing gift bundles of beauty products. Most beauty companies have gift bundles that include multiple full size products for a discounted rate during the holiday season. 

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