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Why I Will NEVER Try The No Butter, No Oil Challenge?

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What is the “No Butter, No Oil” Challenge? 

The “No Butter, No Oil” challenge, also known as the #30DayHairDetox challenge, was created by licensed hair stylists Aeleise Jana and Aishia Strickland to focus on the proper clarification and moisturization of natural hair. The challenge requires participants to refrain from using products that list oils and shea butter as the first five ingredients. The challenge insists that detoxing from butters and oils allows your hair to absorb moisture.

Why I Will Not Try the “No Butter, No Oil” Challenge?

I will not formally try the “No Butter, No Oil” challenge because my current hair routine includes butters and oils, and it works for me.

Prior to my natural hair journey, I did not use oils and butter on my hair or scalp, so I unintentionally tried the challenge, and my hair was completely fine. My hair grew at a healthy rate. There were instances where my hair was dry and brittle, but it was nothing that grease and Pink lotion could not fix. Overall, I was still able to maintain and grow my hair without oils and butter.


However, when I first introduced shea butter and castor oil into my haircare routine my hair flourished instantly. I used oil as a sealant and shea butter as a moisturizer and I never experienced such moisturized hair. My hair was extremely soft to the touch for days during the winter. My strands had a shine to them that everyone could see. Also, I would go days without my scalp itching. Why would I ever want to go back? 

Butters and oils are a must have in my haircare routine, so I would not try a challenge that excludes them. 

If you haven’t found what works for your hair, I would encourage you to give the challenge a try.

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