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My ‘Straight Hair Natural’ Experience


Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk my hair story.

‘Straight Hair Natural’

A straight hair natural, as defined by the members of the natural hair community, is a person that straightens their natural hair regularly. 

My Straight Hair Natural Story

My story starts with me getting my hair pressed biweekly. Once I grew out of the ‘cornrows and beads phase’, I preferred to wear my hair straight. The reason that I liked to wear my hair straight was to show off my “hang time” (length).


I would get my hair straightened professionally every two weeks. In between the two weeks, I would touch up my edges and curl my ends with a flatiron. Then, I would pin curl my hair with bobby pins. 

When my hair was straight, I had length, healthy ends, and edges. I had luster, too. The only thing that I was lacking with fullness. My hair was thin. (I had to tease my hair to cover a large donut bun former). 

The pros of wearing my hair straight was length, luster, and healthy ends. I also was able to easily moisturize my hair.  Hair oils flowed from my scalp to the ends of my hair. I would have to accredit the health of my hair to the hairstylist that I visited biweekly. She would massage my scalp, deep condition my hair, and trim my ends. My hair was truly the healthiest it has ever been. 

The only con that I have from wearing my hair straight was maintaining my hair. I would reach for the flatiron daily to straighten my edges or a section of hair that looked puffy. This habit caused the heat damage that I experienced.

Written with lots of care, 



Your Internet BFF

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