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My Favorites Hair Products Are From the Dollar Store

Dollar Tree storefront

The dollar store is the last place that I thought I would ever find my favorite hair products at. I usually go to the dollar store for snacks, college-ruled paper, and chap stick. But hair products? No. 

It was not until 2020 when everything changed. My favorite hair products were sold out at all the local drugstores and overpriced at all the local beauty supply stores. This left me with two options for hair care: 1) open my refrigerator and create DIY products or 2) continue to look for hair products in every avenue. I decided to go with option two. I did not want to add any more time to my already long Wash Day routine by DIYing my hair products.  

Softee Argan Oil hair grease

So, during one of my visits to the dollar store, I decided to give the hair products a try. 


The first product I purchased was Softee’s Argan Oil hair grease. At the time, I was reintroducing hair grease into my hair regimen. Hair grease has always kept my hair moisturized and my scalp hydrated. And I only stopped using it because I was following the natural hair community trends and grease was out and oil was in. I’m happy that I am over that phase in my life because this hair grease has kept my scalp itch free and my hair shiny.  Plus, I love the product formulation and price point. It’s a win for me. 

Once I realized that the hair grease worked, I purchased a hair gel from the same company. It is no surprise that I love it. 

Collage of Softee Argan Oil styling gel
Softee Argan Oil styling gel

Softee’s Argan Oil hair gel leaves my curls shiny and defined. The gel has a nice hold but feels lightweight on my hair. It works well with my leave in conditioner of choice and on its own. I was surprised how defined my curls were from just using the product alone. When I was wearing a low ponytail (created using the gel), multiple people asked me what product I used on my hair. I told them I had gel on my hair. And they were like no–what moisturizer. I responded with, I only used gel. That experience speaks volumes to how shiny and defined the gel made my hair. That experience gives this gel a spot on my favorite hair products list. 


Comment down below if you are going to give one of these products a try.

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