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What To Do With Hair Products That Don’t Work For You?

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We all have products in our stash that do not work for our hair. The product either leaves our hair feeling dry and brittle or leaves white clumps sitting on our strands. Between these two scenarios, it is a sign that the product does not work for you. Thus, you cannot use. So, what should you do? Product swap. Product swapping is when you exchange your lightly used hair products with other people. 

Product swapping may not sound ideal, especially during a pandemic. Who wants a product that someone was digging their fingers into? Well, there is a right way to handle your products to make them perfect for swapping with a friend or stranger. Note: it does not include digging your fingers into the container.

How To Prepare Hair Products for a Product Swap?

When you are trying a new hair product you should: 

  1. First, scoop the product onto the lid of the container. 
  2. Then apply the product on the container lid to your hair. 
  3. Lastly, wipe the container lid dry if your hands were wet or if there are any hair follicles left behind.

This method makes the product ideal for product swapping because you do not introduce water or bacteria from your fingers into the product. 

Where Can I Product Swap Hair Products?

If you are interested in product swapping you should exchange your hair products with people you know, but if you don’t have many curl friends then check out the following online forums below.

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