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How To Maintain Your Silk Press With Tights

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It’s silk press season! Silk press season is the time where there is a surge in people getting silk presses done because the weather is cold, and the possibility of the hairstyle lasting is longer. The main goal when having a silk press is keeping it straight. You can maintain a silk press by wrapping your hair and wearing a bonnet. But what if the bonnet falls off? This new hair hack may be your solution to that. 

What Products Do You Need To Panty Hose Wrap Your Hair?

How To Wrap Your Hair With A Panty Hose? 

Step 1: Prepare the pantyhose to use. Grab a pair of pantyhose and cut the feet part off


Step 2: Prepare your hair. Divide your hair into two sides with a middle part 

Step 3: Place the pantyhose around your head 

Step 4: Tuck one half of your hair into one leg of the pantyhose 

Step 5: Tie the extra fabric of the pantyhose around your head as you would tie a durag 

Once you get over the hurdle of tucking your hair into the pantyhose, you may realize that this technique is easier than wrapping your hair. 


Wrapping my hair has always been difficult for me because it falls before, I can secure it in place, so I end up pin curling my hair. This method has given me an alternative to pin curls. Now, I can use a simple pantyhose to keep my hair straight.

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