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5 Hair Accessories That Will Save Any Bad Hair Day

Black girl with curly hair adorned with colorful claw clips

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Let’s face it, bad hair days happen to the best of us. With the right hair accessories, you can transform a wet twist out into a masterpiece in minutes. So, grab the accessories listed below to put bad hair days in the past.

1. Organza Scrunchies 

Organza scrunchies have been trending on Instagram and Pinterest for a couple months now. The jaw dropping appeal of these scrunchies are their size. These scrunchies are huge. I will definitely be wearing my scrunchies on those days I want all eyes on me. 


2. Beaded Headbands

Beaded headbands became a popular choice to pair with half wigs last year. You can also wear this cute accessory in your natural hair. I once thought that these headbands could only be worn for special occasions, but boy was I wrong. They also look great paired with basics.

3. Furry Bucket Hats 

Furry bucket hats are nothing new. However, it is for sure making a return from the 90s. I got my hands on a black furry bucket hat back in 2019. Every time I wore it, I thought I was doing something. I am happy to know that I can dust it off and wear it for another year. If you are new to this trend, you should definitely grab some of the new furry bucket hats with designs. I am thinking about grabbing one, too. 

4. Clips

Clips are a great accessory to place in your hair when you are wearing a sleek look. Sometimes a sleek ponytail or bun can be boring, and these clips make any hairstyle interesting. There is no rule to how many you can put in your hair, so the more the merrier.

5. Mini Claw Clips

Mini claw clips are perfect accessories for short hair. With these clips you have creative direction on how you want to frame your face. You can push your hair forward for volume or you can push your hair back for a sleek look.

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