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SZA Reveals Her Natural Hair Growth Regimen On Twitter

SZA's natural hair

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SZA’s hair has always been the topic of discussion. It has always been big, fluffy, and beautiful. Now we know her hair secrets. 

On Thursday, she tweeted an Instagram post of her hair and wrote, “Rice water, aloe gel (from the actual plant they sell it at Whole Foods), hair oil + Taking Zinc, C, vitamin D, n iron (if ur deficient) + low maintenance will grow your hair”.


People continued to inquire about the products that she used.

Someone asked “What kind of oil sis?” in response to her previous post. She tweeted in response, “I like anything w Rosemary peppermint jojoba or castor! I mix all of em and sometimes I use @hergrowinghands oil (she on ig) when I have some lol I also most my hair w a water/protein spray before I oil it. Even if it’s in braids”. 

Another person asked her for edge control recommendations. She responded by tweeting, “Yellow Gorilla snot a lul water n a scarf Is all I know ! If there’s a better one don’t attack me”. 

The last hair related question she answered was “braids for a wig or box braids?”. She responded by tweeting, “Wig braids ! Don’t let these ppl bully you out of protective styles lol wiiig me upppp watch me growww”.

Give SZA’s natural hair regimen a try! I’m sure it will make your hair healthy and grow.


Let us know in the comments if you will be trying SZA’s hair regimen. Don’t forget to give us an update on your hair growth.

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