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The Madam CJ Walker Barbie Doll is Here!

Madam CJ Walker Mattel Barbie Doll

On August 24, 2022, Mattel announced a Madam CJ Walker doll as the latest addition to their Barbie Inspiring Women Series that previously featured Ida B Wells, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Katherine Johnson, and Ella Fitzgerald. 

The Barbie Inspiring Women Series is a campaign where Mattel creates Barbie dolls in the likeness of women, who paved the way for future generations of girls. 

Madam CJ Walker Barbie Doll

The doll created in Walker’s likeness is rocking a hairstyle with her curls pulled back from her face by a halo twist. The doll is dressed in a lavender, purple, and turquoise puffer sleeve blouse with neck ruffles. The blouse is paired with a turquoise floor length skirt. The doll is holding a miniature version of Walker’s beloved Wonderful Hair Grower product.


Who Was Madam CJ Walker?

Madam CJ Walker (1862-1919) was an African American entrepreneur, who was well known for her homemade Black hair care products.

Walker was inspired to create hair care products after experiencing a scalp disorder that caused her to lose a lot of her hair.  She then created the “Walker system” that involved scalp preparation. From the items she offered in her system, her custom pomade (Wonderful Hair Grower) grew in popularity. She originally sold her products on her own. As her business grew, she was able to employ saleswomen to sell her products. At the height of production, the Madam CJ Walker Company employed over 3,000 people.

She is historically recorded as the first Black woman millionaire in America.

How To Get The Madam CJ Walker Barbie Doll?

You can purchase the Madam CJ Walker Barbie Doll on Amazon.

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