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9 Wig Essentials That Will Lay Your Wig Every Time

Black woman wearing a wig

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Wigs are one of the best protective styles ever. Wigs protect your hair without the month-long commitment to that one style. Unlike other protective styles like box braids, twists, and faux locs, you can remove and reapply a wig easily and effortlessly. The only thing that can mess up a perfectly styled wig is the install. If your wig is bulky and the hairline does not blend, it can ruin the entire look. Get a laid and slayed install with these products. 

1. Ebin Wonder Lace Bond Spray

Ebin Wonder lace spray lays down the lace on a wig. 


How to apply Ebin Wonder lace spray? You can apply the lace spray around the hairline of your wig starting off with the lace near your ears. Then you will secure the product in place with heat from a blow dryer as you tap it down with a rat tail comb. This product lasts about 2-3 days. 

How to remove Ebin Wonder lace spray? You can remove the lace spray by applying water to the area where you applied the spray. Check out our article on wig removal for other methods of removal here

2. Lottabody Hair Mousse

Lottabody hair mousse smooths down flyaways and refreshes the edges on a wig. 

How to apply hair mousse to a wig? You can apply hair mousse to the top part of the wig to target flyaways. Or you can apply hair mousse to the hairline of your wig to refresh your edges. 

3. Eco Styler Gel 

Eco styler gel keeps the edges on your wig laid.


4. Wig Band

Wig band lays the hairline of the wig down. 

How to use a wig band on a wig? You can apply a wig band to your hairline after you apply the lace spray.

5. Luster’s Renutrients Slick Stick

Luster’s Renutrients slick stick lays down the top layer of the wig.

How to use a slick stick on a wig? You can apply the slick stick to the roots of your wig.

6. CHI Silk Fusion Spray

Chi Silk Fusion spray protects your wig from heat and adds shine to the hair. 

How to apply CHI Silk Fusion spray? You can apply the spray before adding heat to your hair.

7. Hot Comb

A hot comb lays the top layer of your wig down. 

How to use a hot comb on a wig? You apply the slick stick to the roots of the wig, then spray the CHI Silk Fusion (heat protectant for human hair wigs), and lastly run the hot comb through the roots of the wig. 

8. Paddle Brush

A paddle brush easily detangles wigs.

9. Flat iron

A flat iron straightens the length of your wig. You can also use a flat iron to create fluffy edges. 

How to use a flat iron on a wig? You can simply spray heat protectant on the length of the before flat ironing the hair. Or you can use the flat iron to curl the edges to create the light, fluffy edges look.

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