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The Ultimate Guide To Got2B Glue For Wig Install & Removal

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Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk got2B glue and wigs. 

You can install your wig with got2b glue or a velcro wig grip. Frequent wig wearers prefer using got2b glue to install a wig because it ensures that the wig will not come off throughout the day. Keep reading to learn how to install and remove wigs that are applied using got2b glue.


Wig Install Essentials:

How To Install A Wig With Got2B Glue? 

Step 1: Apply your wig cap.

Step 2: Apply the hair glue. Apply the hair glue by spraying it on with the freezing spray. Or apply glue to the end of an edge brush (without the bristles). Use the edge brush to apply the glue to the area of your hairline right before your edges start. Make sure you do not get the glue on any of your hair.

Step 3: Apply your wig. Slowly apply the wig on top of the glue for accurate placement. Use a blow dryer to dry the glue. Hold the hair dryer in one hand and press down on the edges of the wig to make sure the wig is secure. 

Step 4: Style your edges. Use the edge brush and edge control to style the edges on the wig. 

Frontal Wig Install Video Tutorial

How To Remove A Wig Installed With Glue? 

You can remove the got2b glue without damaging your natural hair by saturating the hairline of the wig with a liquid of your choice (water, alcohol, oil). 


I would recommend you use a hot wet washcloth to press down on your hairline to loosen the glue for removal. You can also spritz water directly to the hairline to loosen the glue. 

Remove Got2B Glue Video Tutorial

How To Remove Product Buildup From Wig Hairline? 

Step 1: Apply the products. Apply shampoo and water directly on the visible product buildup on the hairline of the wig. 

Step 2: Clean your wig. Use the bristles on the edge brush to brush the shampoo into the hairline to remove the product buildup.

Remove Glue Buildup Video Tutorial

Written with lots of care, 


Your Internet BFF

P.S. Share in the comments if you have tried Blue Magic on your natural hair. 

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