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How To Plop Your Curls For Frizz Free Hair

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Plopping will help you get defined curls every wash day.  Plopping is a technique used to dry your hair. One that plops their curls use a cotton T-shirt to scrunch their curly hair upward. Plopping reduces frizz and absorbs water better compared to a towel. Keep reading to see how to plop your hair. 

What Products Do You Need To Plop Your Hair?

How To Plop Curly Hair? 

Curl Plopping Video Tutorial

Step 1: Gather your products and tools. Grab your hair products and a large cotton t-shirt. 


Step 2: Plop your hair. After you finish cleansing and conditioning your hair, grab a large cotton t-shirt to scrunch your hair. You can also tie the shirt around your hair as you would a towel to absorb as much water as possible.

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