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Is The Merit Beauty Bronze Balm Worth The Hype?

Merit Beauty Bronze Balm Product Photo

Merit Beauty is a minimalist beauty brand that creates makeup products with the intent for you to look like you. 

I have been embracing the minimalistic look recently, so I was excited to review this product and try out this brand.

Merit Beauty Bronze Balm Review

I chose the Merit Beauty bronze balm in Monarch. (Monarch is currently the darkest shade of this product). 


Upon opening the product, I was excited to see how pigmented it was. When I applied the bronzer, it glided on smoothly. I was able to blend the product evenly into my skin with just my fingers. When I completed the product application, the bronzer looked like skin instead of makeup. 

My first impression of this product left me shocked and impressed.

Do I Recommend Merit Beauty Bronze Balm? 

I recommend you try Merit Beauty. I loved using the bronze balm. I am a makeup beginner, and this product is beginner friendly. There is no way you can mess up while using it. The product blended flawlessly into my skin. My only disclaimer for this product is to people more melanated than me, the product may not appear on your skin and work as intended. I recommend Merit Beauty add more bronzer shades in the future. This product is great, and everyone should have the opportunity to try it out.

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