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My Experience Shopping at Warby Parker For New Glasses

Kaylann wearing Warby Parker Silvan glasses

I found out about Warby Parker from social media. I first saw sponsored posts recommending the glasses. Then, I saw ads that fully showcased the variety of styles Warby Parker offers. And I fell in love with a couple of unique styles. 

When I started to inquire about ordering glasses from the website, I found out the brand allows you to try-on multiple glasses at home. You can order different styles of glasses to your home free of charge. You have to return the glasses within the stated time window. Then you only pay for the glasses that you keep. This service was a selling point for me because I ordered my glasses at the start of the pandemic. This service made glasses shopping during a pandemic seamless. Although this was a selling point for me I did not take advantage of this service because I needed an eye exam, in addition to glasses. So I booked an eye exam appointment on the Warby Parker site for my location of choice. Good for me that Warby Parker provides both services.

When I arrived for my eye exam, I was greeted by the sales associate. I told them I was in the store for my eye exam and I was directed to the back of the store where I was introduced to the doctor. I entered the room and I could visibly see all of the equipment was freshly sanitized. 


The doctor made me feel comfortable with small talk. He explained each step of the process to me. I arrived at my eye exam with a pair of noticeably pre-owned glasses that contained my previous eye prescription. My exam was pretty fast because we used my previous prescription to determine my current one.

Once the eye exam was complete, I strolled the store trying on eyeglasses. It did not take long before I found a style and color that I liked. It was a unique experience trying on glasses with a mask. I understood the safety guidelines put in place due to the pandemic. It was hard to see how each pair of glasses looked on my face when I could not see half of my face. For this reason,  I would recommend future customers to take advantage of the at home glasses service. When you use this service your glasses shopping experience will not be impaired by the mask mandate.

Thankfully, I chose an eyeglass style that worked for my face. Once I chose my glasses, I paid for my eye exam and glasses electronically to limit human interaction. 

Kaylannk wearing the Warby Parker Silvan glasses
Photo/ Kaylannk

My eyeglasses arrived within a week. 

I was excited to recieve them. This would be the first time that I would be trying my glasses on without a mask and I loved them. I loved the style and color. Plus, the glasses have minimal glare. I receive constant compliments up to this day on my glasses. I feel like they fit my personality and ever changing style. I recommend this company to anyone that asks. I truly loved the service and product.


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