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My Honest Review of Style Factor Edge Booster

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Finding the best edge control has taken a lot of time and money. There are so many products that promise things that they do not deliver. I can not recall the amount of times I applied edge control that turned to white flakes after hours of use. Or I applied edge control that caused my edges to curl up in seconds.  In short, it was hard to find an edge control that worked for my hair. So, I stopped using edge control entirely. 

Until recently. 


After watching back to back YouTube tutorials, I decided to give edge control another try. I saw everyone raving over one edge control, in particular,  the Style Factor Edge Booster. People were using it for everything. They were using it on their edges. They were using it as gel on their ponytail. They were using it to get perfect box braid parts. And in all of the videos I watched their hair was laid.

I wanted to see what the hype was about, so I tried it too.

 The morning before going to Malcolm X Park, I styled my edges with the Style Factor Edge Booster. I was at the park for about 3 hours in 90 degree weather and the product held up. After hours of sitting in the heat only the edges that framed my forehead curled up. 

Since then, I have been using Style Factor Edge Booster weekly because it is truly long lasting. 

Check out how I apply the edge control below.


How To Lay  Edges / Baby Hair? 

  1. Spritz your edges with water.
  2. Apply your choice of oil to your edges. 
  3. Apply WetLine Xtreme gel to a tooth brush or edge brush. 
  4. Style your edges with the brush. (Reapply the gel as needed to shape and style your edges). 
  5. Apply the Style Factor Edge Booster directly on top of the gel.
  6. Apply a hair scarf.

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