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How To Take Care of Natural Hair in a Protective Style?

Protective styling has been the answer to all of my natural hair woes. When I do not know what to do with my hair, I install a protective style. When I need to allot time to other things, I install a protective style. When I want to grow my natural hair, I install a protective style. 

It is important to note that having a protective style does not mean you do not have to take care of your hair. To prevent excessive hair breakage many of us experience when removing protective styles, you need to take care of your hair and scalp while the style is installed.  

Use the tips below to help you take care of your hair in box braids, wigs, locs, and other styles. 

Cleanse Your Hair

If your protective style is installed for more than two weeks, you need to cleanse your scalp. 

You can cleanse your scalp in protective styles without experiencing a lot of frizz by applying shampoo to your scalp using a wet washcloth. Follow the steps below to cleanse your scalp with little to no frizz: 

  1. Apply a penny size amount of shampoo to a washcloth. (Do not apply an excessive amount of product).
  2. Run the cloth under the faucet.  
  3. Gently scrub your scalp with the washcloth. 
  4. Rinse all of the shampoo off the washcloth. 
  5. Gently scrub your scalp with the washcloth to remove the shampoo residue from your scalp. 

Moisturize Your Hair 

To moisturize the length of your hair, use water. 

Grab a spray bottle and spritz your hair with water. Then, apply a leave-in conditioner spray. My favorite leave-in conditioner spray is Cantu Hydrating Leave-in Conditioning Mist.

You can also make your own instant leave-in conditioner spray by following the steps below : 

  1. Add water and your favorite leave-in conditioner to a spray bottle. (Add more water than leave-in conditioner). 
  2. Rigorously shake the spray bottle to mix the water and leave-in conditioner thoroughly.

After you apply your choice of leave-in conditioner, add oil to your scalp and the length of your hair. You can also apply a thick layer of grease to your scalp to maintain the new layer of moisture you created.

Protect Your Hair 

After you moisturize your hair,  apply a satin scarf and/or bonnet to preserve the moisture.

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