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Hitting the Ctrl+Alt+Delete on FOMO: 10 Ways to Detox from Social Media and Shine in Real Life

A girl scrolling through social media on the grass

Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk social media detox.

Social media can be a major buzzkill. It feeds the comparison trap, fuels FOMO (fear of missing out), and steals precious moments from the real world. 

Raise your phone for a reality check!



Is your Insta-worthy brunch interrupted by an endless scroll? Do TikTok trends fill your headspace more than real conversations? If so, it’s fine like all of us you, too, may be in need of social media detox. If you agree and are ready for a detox, adopt some of the tips below in your daily routine.

1. Delete Apps: Start by removing apps from your home screen. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Purchase An Analog Alarm: Ditch the phone-as-alarm routine. Invest in a charming clock and greet the day with the soft tick-tock of time, not the blaring notifications. 

3. Schedule Social Media Sessions: Block out “no-scroll” times in your day.


4. Time-Track Your Doomscroll: Most phones have built-in usage trackers that you can use to see how much time you spend scrolling.

5. Say No to Notifications: Turn those pesky alerts off and you will no longer feel like you are missing out on something

6. Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” Button: Activate “Do Not Disturb” during meals and meetings to start to give yourself a break from the digital space.

7. Swap Scrolling for Hobbies: Replace your social media sessions with activities. Join a book club, make a painting, or read a book.

8. Connect IRL: Remember the good old days of face-to-face interaction? Reconnect with friends and family over coffee, a walk, or a board game night. 

9. Make Memories, Not Clickbait: Capture moments, not likes. Instead of documenting every bite and selfie, savor experiences with your friends or alone.

10. Celebrate Small Victories: Every minute spent offline is a win and celebrate that. Track your progress, reward yourself, and enjoy the journey of reclaiming your time.

Remember, you’re not alone in the struggle against the scroll. We are all in this together.

Real life is way more beautiful than any filter online.

Now excuse me, I have a book to read and a cup of tea to savor…offline, of course!

Written with lots of care, 


Your Internet BFF

P.S. Share your social media detox tips and tricks in the comments below.


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