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My First Wine Tasting Was Not What I Expected

My first wine tasting was at Stone House Urban Winery. Stone House Urban Winery is a popular winery located in Maryland. The winery is housed in a historic home built during the 1700s. When you approach the house, you will see a wrap-around patio and balcony that looks great for drinking wine on a Sunday afternoon. When you walk into the house, you will immediately be in the tasting room. You can grab a seat at the bar to taste the different flavors that the winery has to offer. As you begin to look around, you will notice a loft area overheard that can be reserved for private events. The loft area has a private bar, seating, and a separate restroom.

Stone House Urban Winery Wine Tasting Review 

I was immediately attended to upon finding a seat at the bar. I was served 5 tastings of wine for $20. I was presented my wine pickings with a wine tree. I was instructed to drink the wine in the order of its placement on the tree. I was also given crackers to clear my palate between each tasting.

Stone House Urban Winery offers wine in rose, white, red, fruit, and dessert. Continue reading for my review on each wine that I tasted.


Valiant Rosso: 7/10- The Valiant Rosso was extremely dry. It was so dry that it did not taste like anything. I am sure it would pair well with a heavily seasoned meal.


Apple of My Eye (Green Apple Riesling): 8/10- Apple of My Eye was sweet. The wine tasted like a green apple, so the initial taste was sweet and slightly tart. 

Just Peachy (Peach Chardonnay): 9/10- Just Peachy was my personal favorite. It tasted like an artificial peach, but it was good.

White Wine

Pinot Grigio: 7/10- The Pinot Grigio had a sharp taste upon the first sip. The aftertaste was a little dry and slightly bitter. 


Raspberry Chocolate: 10/10- Raspberry Chocolate was the best wine I have ever tasted. This wine tasted like a dessert. It had a great balance of chocolate flavor and a hint of wine.


Espresso: 5/10- The espresso wine was too strong. It tasted like I was drinking espresso extract. 

Wine Slushie: 2/10- The wine slushie was a concoction. I imagined it would be like a frozen margarita, but it was not that at all. The presentation of the item was poor. In addition to that, it tasted like vanilla flavoring and blue food coloring with a splash of wine. 


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