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Everything You Need For A Pinterest Picnic In Washington, D.C.

After years of social distancing, Spring and Summer is the perfect time to host a picnic outing with your friends or lover. We have created a picnic guide that includes everything you will need for a perfect picnic date from the menu to the location. Check out our guide below.

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Location, Location, Location 

Location is very important for a picnic date because the location can set the mood for how the picnic will go. 

Malcolm X Park (Meridian Hill Park)

Malcolm X Park is the perfect picnicking location for creatives because there is free entertainment when you go on Saturdays. On Saturdays, there is a drummer’s circle where you can enjoy a performance while you eat. Read about my experience at Malcolm X Park, here.

Georgetown Waterfront Park 

George Waterfront Park has the best picnicking views. You can eat while you overlook the water. Here you can continue your outing with a shopping spree or ice cream after the picnic. 

The National Mall

The National Mall is the best picnicking location for sightseeing in Washington, D.C. You can admire the Washington Monument and people watch as you eat on the National Mall. After eating you can explore the museums along the Mall or play a game of frisbee, whatever you do, you are sure to have a ball.

Hillwood Estate 

Hillwood Estate is the best picnicking location for garden lovers. The estate is filled with 25 acres of gardens. There are also areas designated for picnicking. 

National Arboretum 

The National Arboretum is the best picnicking location for photogenic people. There are picnic tables in an area that overlooks the National Arboretum. After you eat, you can explore the grounds of the National Arboretum and take photos in between the columns.

Refreshing Utensils-Free Menu 

When creating your menu, you should be mindful of your parties’ dietary restrictions.Your menu should be able to withstand the weather without refrigeration. Your menu should not require utensils. Lastly, be sure to pack enough food for everyone in your party. 

An example of a menu: 

Appetizer – Cheese and sliced fruit 

Meal- Finger sandwiches + kettle chips

Dessert- Decorative cookies 

Beverage- Canned beverages 

12 Essentials For A Picnic Date

1. Picnic Basket 

Pack all your items in this cute affordable basket

2. Bugables 

Rock a bugables bracelet to keep the bugs away. 

3. Battery Operated Fans 

Stay cool with this battery-operated fan.

4. Beeswax Sandwich Wraps 

Keep your accumulation of trash down with these cute reusable beeswax sandwich wraps.

5. Picnic Blanket 

Grab this picnic blanket to spread the food on while you sit on the ground.

6. Food Tent 

Set up a food tent to keep insects and leaves away. 

7. Wipes 

Wipe down all surfaces before and after you eat with these antibacterial wipes.

8. Hand Sanitizer Spray

Spritz this hand sanitizer spray to clean your hands before you enjoy your meal.

9. Sunscreen 

Protect you and your date from sunburn with this sunscreen.

10. Bluetooth Speaker 

Grab this waterproof speaker to set the mood with a curated playlist.

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