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How To Achieve The Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic (Black Girl Friendly)?

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic is the coastal granddaughter aesthetic with a western twist. Check out how to become a coastal granddaughter here.

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How To Become A Coastal Cowgirl?

What’s The Difference Between The Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic and The Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic?

The difference between the two aesthetics is coastal cowgirl aesthetic has a western flare.

How To Be A Coastal Cowgirl?

What Is The Coastal Cowgirl Hairstyle?

The coastal cowgirl hairstyle is two pigtail braids. Or wavy curls that you easily get from an overnight braid out. Pair any hairstyle you wear with a cowboy hat to give the western flair of this aesthetic.

What Does A Coastal Cowgirl Wear?

A ‘coastal cowgirl’ outfit is the coastal granddaughter aesthetic with a western vibe. Commonly people dressing in this aesthetic wear light wash denim, denim skirts, denim vest, knit sweaters, overalls, and linen button ups. Essentials to this trend is cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and western style belt. A coastal cowgirl sample outfit is a knit sweater, denim skirt, cowboy boots accessorized with a cowboy hat and western belt.

How Does A Coastal Cowgirl Spend Her Day?

A coastal cowgirl day is simple and worry free. A coastal cowgirl spends her day out in the Sun horseback riding. She runs through the fields in a flowy dress.

How Can You Spend Your Day Like A Coastal Cowgirl?

You can spend your day like a coastal cowgirl by:

  • Taking horse back riding lessons on the beach
  • Fruit picking at a local farm
  • Taking a road trip to Arizona or Texas
  • Having a bonfire on the beach
  • Booking an Airbnb on a Ranch

Will you try out the coastal cowgirl aesthetic?

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