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How To Take Pictures in Public If You’re Not Photogenic?

Photos and documentation of events have become more popular in recent years. But not everyone is comfortable with taking pictures, especially in public. We put together 6 tips that will help you feel more comfortable taking pictures in public.

1. Appearance

Your appearance is everything. It all starts with how you look. If you are confident with your appearance (outfit and hair), you are sure to feel comfortable in front of a camera. 

2. Props

Using props makes taking pictures easier. Photos of people sipping from a cup or slightly touching their glasses always looks good on camera. I would recommend you look away from the camera using your prop of choice and smile. 

3. Look Away

Whenever I do not know what to do when I am taking pictures, I always smile and look off in the distance. You can look in the opposite direction of the camera or you can look toward the sky. 

Group of black people taking picture in public.
Black people posing for a group picture. (Photo/ Canva)

4. Group Picture 

Taking photos with your friends can make taking photos more enjoyable. You can use your friends to make you laugh for a fun off-guard photo. Also, group photos make memories that will last. 

5. Walk

Act as if your cameraman is the paparazzi and walk away from the camera. Look to your left or right and slowly walk away. You can also look back at the camera as you walk away and slightly touch your hair. Touching your hair can help you tackle some of the anxiety that comes with taking photos.  

6. Off-Guard

Allow your cameraman the free range of taking photos of you. 

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