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Everything You Need To Know Before Going To Selfie World

Selfie Wrld is a museum filled with interactive art installations. They describe themselves as the “#1 trending selfie museum in the Wrld”. The museum is located in twenty major cities across America. Each city has a different installation.

Selfie Wrld NOVA DC FAQ

Where is Selfie Wrld NOVA DC located? 
Selfie Wrld Nova DC is located on the first level of Tysons Corner Center near the Coastal Flats restaurant and Barnes & Nobles. 

What should you wear to Selfie Wrld?
Dress your best to the museum, since you will be taking pictures. I would recommend you wear a white or black outfit to take advantage of the colorful backdrops.

What to expect from Selfie Wrld? 
Upon arrival, the staff handed us a “selfie kit”. The kit consisted of a universal tripod (guaranteed to fit most make and models of phones) and a Bluetooth button. This kit allowed us to take group pictures from a distance. 

What should you bring to Selfie Wrld?
You should bring a fully charged phone and/or camera. You will be using this device during your visit. 
You should bring a group of friends that love to take pictures. 

How long is each visit?
Each visit is 1 hour long. The location I visited kept track of our time and notified us when we had 5 minutes left at the museum.  

Does the museum have great lighting?
Yes! Each installation was well lit with LED bulbs. (There were so many LED lights that it warmed up the museum). 

Is the museum COVID-friendly? 
According to CDC, fully vaccinated people can resume activities they did before the pandemic without wearing a mask.

During a typical Selfie Wrld visit, you will not be wearing a mask. You will most likely take your mask off to take pictures. Also, you will come into contact with people outside of your friend group. It will be hard to stay six feet away from others as you enter/exit different art installations. 

What should you leave at home?
You should leave large bags and excessive items in your car. These items will restrict you from fully enjoying the museum because you will be focused on keeping your items secure. 

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