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Everything You Need To Know About Tut Language

Tik Tok users just popularized a secret language. The recent wave of popularity and interest in the Tut language is causing Americans to surf the web to learn more. We have answers to your most searched Tut related questions below.

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What is Tut Language?

The Tut language is a language created by enslaved Africans during the 18th century. Tut was used as a secret mode of communication amongst enslaved Africans. Tut helped them read and write during a time when they were forbidden to do so. 

According to the Tut Language website, “The Tut language spells word using certain English phonics. It also uses breathing patterns that allow correct tongue and lip placement to form sounds an alphabet takes when it becomes part of a word.”


Who is the Tut Language Expert?

Gloria McIlwain is viewed as the modern-day expert of the TUT language. In 1995, McIlwain published a book entitled TUT Language, where she covers the origin of the language and includes glossaries and graphics to help with learning the language. Her book was featured in the journal of American Dialect Society. She is the owner of the Tut Language website ( She also had an article featured in the 1994 edition of the American Speech Journal centered around the language. 

Tut Language Introduction News Video

How To Learn Tut Language?

The best way to learn the TUT Language is to purchase McIlwain’s book, TUT Language. McIlwain’s book is hard to find online for purchase. You can view the book/copies of the book at the following libraries across the nation: University of Michigan, Allen County Public Library, University of California, Santa Barbara(UCSB) Library, San Francisco Public Library, and Stanford University Libraries.

You should check out McIlwain’s website to learn the foundation of the language. There is a chart on her website that displays how to properly pronounce each English letter in TUT.

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