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The Best Black History Podcasts To Listen To

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Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk podcasts. 

Black history is vast, vibrant, and often untold. Thankfully, in the age of podcasts, incredible storytellers are reclaiming the narrative and sharing the richness of Black experiences. From bite-sized daily snippets to in-depth explorations, the podcast sphere offers a wealth of stories waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a history buff or simply seeking inspiration, grab your headphones and get ready to learn and be inspired.

Apple Podcast covers of three black history podcasts

For the History Buff on the Go:

  • Black History Year: This daily podcast from PushBlack delivers bite-sized doses of Black history highlighting diverse figures and events.
  • Seizing Freedom: This podcast features historical stories and interviews that encompass the pursuit of Black liberation from the Civil War to today.
  • Black History Buff Podcast: This podcast delves into lesser-known stories of Black people across the globe ranging from modern day to ancient times.
  • Everyday Black History: Afro Appreciation: This podcast is filled with inspirational stories of Black achievement from inventors, artists, and everyday heroes.

For the Everyday Listener:

  • Pod Save The People: This podcast offers a social analysis of current day news that socially and culturally impacts people of color.
  • The Nod: This podcast explores the complexities of being Black in America, providing episodes filled with personal anecdotes woven into cultural commentary and historical context. 
  • Code Switch: This NPR podcast tackles race and identity in America with wit and nuance. 

For the Deep Dive Listener:

  • 1619: This podcast series is an audible extension of the New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel after the same name that delves into the lasting impact of slavery in the United States.
  • The Root Presents: It’s Lit!: This podcast puts a spotlight on Black literature by featuring interviews of Black authors that speak about their work.

For the Culturally Curious:

  • Historically Black: This Washington Post podcast consists of stories and interviews about personal objects and photos that provides historical context to the Black experience in America. 
  • Aisle Tell You What • Love Black History: This podcast tells stories of Black love by blending storytelling with historical facts.

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P.S. Share your favorite Black history podcasts in the comments.

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