The pink Pilates princess aesthetic is a new trend that is taking over all our feeds. The pink Pilates princess aesthetic is a combination of the following trendy 2022 aesthetics: model off duty, hot girl walks, and ballerina. The aesthetic promotes a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on attending Pilates classes. 

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How To Look Like A Pink Pilates Princess?

Pink Pilates Princess Hairstyle 

Common hairstyles that are used in this trend are ponytails, messy buns, and pigtails. You can accessorize any of the hairstyles listed above with ribbons. 

Pink Pilates Princess Makeup Look

Pink Pilates princess makeup is a minimalist makeup look that resembles matte skin. Essentials needed for the look are blush, bronzer, concealer, mascara, lip gloss, and bushy eyebrows. 

Pink Pilates Princess Outfit

To dress like a pink Pilates princess, you must wear pink. To achieve look, you wear a unitard, jumpsuit, or athletic dress with an oversized sweater tied to your waist. For shoes just wear sneakers that you can work out in. My favorite workout sneakers are New Balance and Asics. 

How To Live A Pink Pilates Princess Lifestyle?

Pink Pilates princesses live a healthy lifestyle with their Pilates class at the center of their day. These girls dress cute and comfy for their Pilates class and listen to Lana Del Ray on their way to class. After class, they grab a smoothie to finish off their day.

Do you want to be a pink Pilates princess? What are your thoughts on this new trend?

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