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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Hairstyle Broke the Internet

Michelle Obama Hair at the Inauguration 2021

When I first saw former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s inauguration look, I gushed over her hair. This was a look I never seen her wear before. She was rocking a side parted silk press with bouncy, flipped out curls styled away from her face. I was more than eager to go on Twitter and see that I was not the only one that loved her hair.

I am not sure if I liked this look because it was statement look for her or because it was nostalgic for me. She often wears her hair in a modest look either pulled back or very tamed, but this time her hair was big and voluminous. Or did I like the hairstyle because it was nostalgic reminding me of all the times, I got my hair pressed at the salon. I would always leave the salon with curled ends after getting a press. I would have curled ends whether I asked for it or not.

Now, thanks to her stylist Yene Dantew, I will be going into the salon asking for the ‘Michelle Obama’ curls. Check out Twitter’s reaction to her hair below:


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