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My First & Last Time Dining at Kith/Kin

Kith-Kin Chickpea Dish

Hey bestie, it’s your Internet BFF, Kaylannk here! Let’s talk Kith/Kin.

Today I am your resident foodie with a food review that’s going warm your hearts and have your taste buds dancing. Today, we’re reviewing Kith/Kin, Chef Kwame Onwuachi’s Afro-Caribbean and Nigerian infused restaurant located on the Wharf in Washington, DC. (Update: Kith/Kin permanently closed on October 4th).


To enter the restaurant, you must have a reservation and face mask. I witnessed the hostess turn a man away that did not have a reservation. She was nice about the interaction. She simply told him he has to make a reservation to dine at the restaurant.


 For those that are interested, you can make reservations online through the restaurant’s website. You will be able to edit and cancel your reservation within Open Table. I used the application to update my reservation to request outdoor seating. 


It was a little difficult to find the entrance of the restaurant. The restaurant’s entrance is on a side street. The restaurant also appears to be in the same building as other entities with one being a hotel. 

Once inside, the hostess introduced us to the “new way” of dining that consisted of paperless menus. She explained to us how we can simply scan the QR code with our phone cameras to access their limited menu. 

Side note: I read reviews of this restaurant, where people stated that they had to wait 30 minutes after their reservations to enter the restaurant. Luckily, I did not experience that. 


The hostess walked us to our table. Our table was positioned six feet away from the other tables. As we sat down, we were immediately greeted by our waiter he told us that his interaction with our table would be limited, due to the city’s social distancing mandate. We ordered our drinks and food. We ordered pretty quickly because of the scarcity of the menu.


My party and I conversed a little before our meals came to the table. It seemed slightly faster than the average restaurant wait time. I would account this experience to the limited menu and number of parties dining at the time. A food runner brought over all of our meals at once on a tray. The new social distancing way of serving food requires customers to grab their plate off the tray. Thankfully the plates were not too hot. It was an awkward interaction. We were waiting for them to ask who had what and serve us. Then we realized they were not going to do that. So, save yourself the awkwardness and be ready to serve yourself. 

The food was great! The plates had a hearty amount of food on them. All of the flavors blended perfectly. I ordered the vegan option off the menu. The chickpeas were crisp to a perfection. (I wonder how they made them). You have to go to experience it. 

Full Experience

The staff attempted to maintain the dining experience that we are accustom to. The food was great. The atmosphere was nice. Overall, I think it was a great experience. I was definitely recommend any who has not been to go.

Written with lots of care, 


Your Internet BFF

P.S. Have you been to Kith/Kin?

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