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2,000 Photos Were Added To The DCPL Go-Go Archive Today

Black people dancing

In 2012, D.C. Public Library created a Go-Go Archive of digital and physical resources to capture the culture around the D.C. music genre. (Go-Go is a music genre that originated in Washington, D.C. during the 1970s. It is a subgenre of funk music). The archive is filled with museum friendly artifacts like books, records, DVDs, and autographed memorabilia.

On August 18 the D.C. Public Library (DCPL) added about 2,000 photos taken by photographer, Raymond “Chip” Py to the archive. Each photo was tagged and captioned by DCPL staff and Py himself. 

Chuck Brown smiling while performing with Soul Searchers at his 75th Birthday Bash at 9:30 Club. (Photo/DC Public Library, The People’s Archive, Chip Py Go-Go Collection)

Py is a photographer that has captured the Go-Go culture for years. He was even the personal photographer of Chuck Brown, the proclaimed Godfather of Go-Go. The photos from his collection portray moments during performances by iconic Go-Go bands/artists like Rare Essence, Familiar Faces, Backyard Band, and Chuck Brown. There are also recent moments of go-go culture displayed in the collection like the 2019 DONT MUTE DC movement. 


All 2,000 of the images are available for you to view on DCPL Dig DC

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