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7 Black-Owned Coffee Brands For Everyday of the Week

Black Owned Coffee Brands: Blk & Bold, Sip & Sonder

More than half of America’s population drink coffee daily. It comes to no surprise that we celebrate the drink’s popularity on National Coffee Day (October 1st). 

Would you be surprised to know that coffee was not always America’s drink of choice? Read below to see how coffee became popular in the U.S. 

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How Coffee Became Popular in America?

Smithsonian Magazine’s The History of Coffee Culture in America Film. Watch the film here.

Notable Coffee Milestones in America

1668 – Coffee replaced beer as New York City’s favorite breakfast drink.

1773 – The Boston Tea Party made drinking coffee a patriotic duty. 

1860s – U.S. soldiers used coffee for energy. 

1915 – Maxwell House began using the slogan “Good to the Last Drop” to advertise their beverages. Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is credited with creating the slogan. 

1952 – Pan American Coffee Bureau launched a media campaign with the theme “Give Yourself a Coffee-Break — And Get What Coffee Gives to You.” 


1960 – Specialty coffee became popular.

1990 – Hills Bros. began packaging coffee in new vacuum pack tents.

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Black-Owned Coffee Brands

Now and forever is the perfect time to support Black-owned businesses. Check out our choice of Black-owned ‘joe’ for National Coffee Day (and everyday) below. 

Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay Coffee is a sustainable coffee company founded by Keba Konte in 2014. His company provides high quality coffee products that you can purchase here.

BLK & Bold Coffee

Blk & Bold Coffee is a choice founded by Pernell and Rod. Five percent of the company’s profits will go to at-risk youth. You can purchase Blk & Bold Coffee here

Black Acres Roastery

Black Acres Roastery is an artisan coffee roaster located in Baltimore, Maryland. Each roast includes ethically sourced coffee beans from around the world. You can purchase Black Acres Roastery products here.


CariBBrew is a premium coffee company founded by Beverly Malbranche. The company’s coffee beans are sourced from Haiti, where the owner originates. According to the company’s website, every purchase of CariBBrew coffee “creates income, provides better access to education, and contributes to strengthening communities”’. You can purchase CariBBrew coffee here.

Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 is a coffee bean company founded by Margaret Nyamumbo. The company sells coffee beans sourced from Kenyan farms. You can purchase Kahawa 1893 products here.

Circadian Coffee 

Circadian Coffee is a small-batch roasting company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This company sources their coffee beans from small, underrepresented coffee farms. You can purchase Circadian Coffee products here.

Sip & Sonder 

Sip & Sonder is a specialty coffee house founded by Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicolas in 2017. The coffee house is in Inglewood, California. The coffee house features a coffee roaster, creative studio, and event space. Sip & Sonder offers coffee beans for purchase online here.

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