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Wash Day can be a long and tedious hair maintenance process for seasoned and new naturals, a like. Wash Day is a term used in the natural hair community to refer to the amount of time it takes to maintain the health of natural hair. It often feels like it and sometimes it does take an entire day to properly cleanse, detangle, and moisturize natural hair. If you have plans this weekend or if you are looking for a way to shorten your wash day, check out the hair tools below. Scroll down for tools to help cleanse, detangle, and moisturize your natural hair.


1. Wide Tooth Shower Comb

A wide tooth shower comb detangles your hair without excessive breakage.

Promising Review: “I comb my hair in the shower and was pulling out handfulls almost with a “wet brush” that said for all hair types. I found a youtube video that said nope in fact you need a wide tooth comb to detangle without damaging. Work from end to root instead of root to ends to prevent unnecessary breakage and pulling out of hair. Happy with this.” – Kay75

Price: $3.98

2. Scalp Massager

Use this scalp massager to deep clean your scalp while you stimulate hair growth with soft silicone bristles.

Promising Review: “I absolutely love this scalp massager. I use it when I put the shampoo on then I scrub my scalp and loosen all of the products from the week. This massager feels so good I look forward to my scalp cleansing process. I would highly recommend this particular device. I have another brand and they are not created equal.”- Mississippi Queen

Price: $6.77 ( this is a discount-price may increase)

3. Hair Catcher

This hair catcher does the work for you. You no longer had to race to catch the hair before it goes down the drain.

Promising Review: “We have been using this drain cover for a few weeks now and it works amazingly! It is easy to clean and works great even in our taller bathtub. I have long hair and have had to clean it out a few times, which is good since it is actually doing its job! 10/10 for this product.” – Lexus

Price: $9.99


4. Microfiber Hair Scrunchie

These towel scrunchies are perfect to use to separate your wet hair for detangling. You will not have to worry about mildew forming on the hair tie like with regular scrunchies. Plus, these hair ties will speed up your dry time while you detangle.

Promising Review:I have Kitsch brand towel scrunchies from ulta and wanted more but they’re expensive so I tried these. These are just as good and less than half the price. They’re about the exact same size and absorb just as well too.” – Erich Elster

Price: $6.98

5. Alligator Hair Clips

Use these alligator hair clips to section your hair with ease.

Promising Review: “So far no complaints. I guess I have 4c hair and unlike other clips that I have tried these ones actually hold my hair down and dont fall out. They come exactly how they’re pictured.” – Chanese

Price: $7.99

6. Denman Hair Brush

Grab the infamous denman brush to detangle your hair. These brush also enhances your curls.

Promising Review:I love this brush makes my curls soft much more defined! Detangles my knots without ripping all my hair out.” – Roxanne

Price: $19.95

7. Rake Comb

This rake comb makes detangling fast and easy.

Promising Review: I used this type of comb for the first time and it went through my hair very easily. I didn’t feel like I was pulling or yanking at my hair. My hair type is 4C and past my shoulders. I used it on wet hair and blow dried hair.” – Devona Ramirez

Price: $3.79


8. Deep Conditioning Microwavable Heat Cap

Purchase this cap to make deep conditioning portable.

Promising Review:I’ve used this heat cap to deep condition my wig and now my natural hair. It stays pretty warm long enough! I think for a 30 minutes deep condition, I might have to pop it back in the microwave again. But still, it does retain most of the heat! The cap itself is thick and filled with linseed which gets very warm. It’s a comfortable fit. I like that it’s microwaveable because I don’t want a consistent amount of heat on my head or on my natural hair during deep conditioning. So I prefer this because it loses the heat over time. I also love that there’s 9 shower caps to protect the heat cap from hair products. The little bag is very convenient! Once you’re done, you can put everything back into one place!”- Michelle El

Price: $19.99

9. Applicator Bottle

Use an applicator bottle to add oil directly to your scalp with ease.

Promising Review:I use this to mix my oils for hair treatments. I like the markings so I can measure out equal amounts of oil and the tip can be cut large or small. I cut a large hole because I use part castor oil and that is quite thick in consistency. I havemt had any problems with leaking or anything. It seems to be a really good little bottle. I would recommend it and buy again if I need another.” – Holly

Price: $3.16

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