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Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and what is the special day without hearts, red, pink, and white decorations — just an average day. We created a heart-shaped product list of kitchen items, candy, and fashion accessories for Valentine’s Day gift inspo. 

Check out the list to purchase an item or to get inspiration for gift ideas.

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Home & Kitchen

Eat your heart out with this heart shaped silverware.

Heart Cookie Cutter Set

Use this cookie cutter to create adorable food that is tasty and aesthetically pleasing. Get this Heart Cookie Cutter Set for $10.99 on Amazon

MOON Heart Shaped Straws, 100pcs

These heart shaped straws add love to any beverage. Get this MOON Heart Shaped Straws for $12.99 on Amazon

Choosy Chef Non Stick Pan

Grab this non-stick pan that creates a perfectly shaped heart without the mess that can come with the use of food cutters. Think about how many food items you can turn into hearts with this non-stick pan. Get the Choosy Chef Non Stick Pan for $19.95 on Amazon

LIFVER Ramekins, 6oz, Set of 6

What is better than heart shaped food? Heart shaped bowls. Get the LIVER Ramekins for $19.99 on Amazon

Holstein Houseware Waffle Maker

This is the perfect waffle maker for Valentine’s Day and any day that you spend with the one you love. Get the Holstein Houseware Waffle Maker for $26.38 on Amazon

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron, 2 Quart

Personal favorite. It’s so cute it motivates me to cook. Get the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron for $199.95 on Amazon

Fashion Accessories

Wear your heart on your shoulder with a heart shaped purse.

JU+ Heart Shape Tassel Bag

Gift her a heart that shines bright like a diamond. Get this JU+ bag for $37.39 on Amazon

Kate Spade New York Shack Heart Crossbody Bag

Grab her a cozy heart that will go perfect with any cozy winter fit. Get this Kate Spade New York bag for $170 on Amazon

Mary Frances Temptations Embellished Heart Shaped Handbag

 Personal favorite. Wear as many hearts as you can on your shoulder. Get this Mary Frances Temptations bag for $399 on Amazon


Take a bite out of a heart with these heart shaped candy.

DOVE Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Candy Gift Box, 6.5 oz

What is better than a bouquet of flowers? A box of chocolates. But why choose, when you can have both. Get this DOVE Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Box for $9.99 on Amazon

Heart Shape Assorted Candy Set, (3) 10oz bag

Perfect gift for your girl whose sweet (and sour at times). Get this Assorted Candy Set for $19.99 on Amazon

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