Valentine’s Day is approaching, and this is my wish list for the big day. This list of products includes fashion, puzzles, food, and accessories that I can use on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Check out the list to purchase an item or to get inspiration for gifts for your girlfriend.

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1. Crocs Unisex Duet Sport Clog

I love crocs because they are comfy. Get this pair of Crocs for $34.55 on Amazon

2. Lou Malnati Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza

I have heart shaped eyes for Chicago-style pizza. Get this Lou Malnati Heart-shaped Pizza for $67.99 on Amazon

3. LEGO Roses Gift Set

I heart how technical this lego bouquet is. Get this LEGO Roses Gift Set for $55 on Amazon

4. LEGO Valentines Bear Gift Set

I need this lego set to add to the bouquet set. Plus, the bear is adorable. Get this LEGO Valentines Bear Gift Set for $57.50 on Amazon

5. Tony’s Chocolonely Variety Bundle

This chocolate has great reviews. I hope it’s as tasty as the reviews read. Get this Tony’s Chocolonely Variety Bundle for $22.98 on Amazon

6. All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks

This book is a must read for everyone that wants to learn about love. After you read this book, you will be able to identify what love is. Get this All About Love book by bell hooks for $11.37 on Amazon

7. Beats Fit Pro

I love music. Get this Beats Fit Pro for $199.95 on Amazon

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