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29 Activities To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and your relationship status should not affect the way you celebrate the holiday. If you are single, spend the day loving yourself and your family. We have created a list of activities that are sure to keep you so busy, you are sure to forget about your relationship status. 

Start checking off an activity a day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

1.     Host a game night

2.     Binge watch your favorite TV series 

3.     Have a movie marathon 

4.     Babysit for your favorite couple 

5.     Treat yourself to a spa night 

6.     Shop Valentine’s Day sales

7.     Hang out with your family

8.     Celebrate Galentine’s Day

9.     Recreate a Euphoria YouTube makeup tutorial

10.  Swipe on Tinder

11.  Visit a museum 

12.  Invite a friend to your favorite restaurant 

13.  Cook a fancy dinner

14.  Join an online class either language, cooking or workout

15.  Complete one of your 2022 goals

16.  Hang out at a bar

17.  Unplug and enjoy nature

18.  Host a party

19.  Recreate a YouTube hairstyle tutorial

20.  Have a regular day 

21.  Gift yourself flowers and candy

22.  Volunteer at a local organization

23.  Make Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and family

24.  Read a new book 

25.  Complete DIY house decor projects

26.  Tour your town

27.  Bake cookies 

28.  Attend a Zoom paint and sit class

29. Dog sit for your favorite couple

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