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Our 5 Top Post of 2022

2022 is our second year of blogging and we’ve had so many first this year. This year we’ve experienced our first viral post, our first blog partnership, and our first 1,000 views per month. Thanks to readers like you all of these firsts were made possible. Bigger and better things are sure to come in 2023 and I look forward to building a community that includes you.

Check out the five posts that everyone seem to love and share the most.

How To Achieve The Clean Girl Aesthetic (Black Girl Friendly)?

collage of clean girl look-aesthetic

The clean girl look is the beauty trend where less is more. Click here to read this post.


How To Do Finger Waves On Short Natural Hair?

finger waves on short natural hair

Finger waves are a difficult hairstyle to achieve, so we wanted to make the process a little easier for you. Click here to check out this guide for the perfect finger waves.

How To Part-In The Back Of Your Head?

box braid parts
Photo/ Pinterest

If you are installing box braids, cornrows, faux locs, mini twists or any other protective style on your own, these natural hair hacks will help you neatly part the back of your head every time. Click here to read this post.

Everything You Need To Know Before Going To Selfie World

Kaylannk at Selfie World Nova DC
Photo/ Kaylannk

I recently went to Selfie Wrld NOVA DC and I enjoyed the exhibit. And these are the things that I wish I knew before going. Click here to read this post.

What Is A Coastal Granddaughter + How To Become One?

Coastal Grandmother Fall Clothing Essentials

The coastal granddaughter aesthetic is Gen-Z’s twist on the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Click here to read this post.

Comment down below topics and subjects you would like me to write about in 2023.



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