With all the celebrities rocking short chin bobs you may be considering the look, but before you make the big chop check out the video below. 

TikTok “Would I Look Good With Short Hair?” Hair Hack

In the video, Tik Tok creator Amy Chang shares a hair hack that you can use to see if short hair looks good on you.

According to Chang, you will need two pencils and measuring tape to see if short hair is for you. Follow the three instructions below to find your next hair style.

Step 1: You will place one pencil underneath your chin. 

Step 2: You will place the second pencil aligned to the base of your ear creating a 90-degree angle. 

Step 3: You will measure the point at which the two pencils meet. 

According to Chang, if the measurement is greater than 2.25 inches, longer hair may look best on you. If the measurement is shorter than 2.25 inches, shorter hair may look best on you. 

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An alternative to this hack is purchasing a short bob wig. Which method will you be using to see if short hair is for you? Wig or TikTok hack. 

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