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Black Beauty

collage of hair tools

How To Trim Natural Hair At Home?

If you do not trim your hair routinely, it can cause you to experience excessive hair breakage from split ends and fairy knots. If you have not found a hairstylist that you trust, trim your hair at home using the same methods that work for me.

How To Use Silk Hair Curlers on Natural Hair?

Silk hair curlers are trending on TikTok after the airing of S2 EP 3 of Euphoria, where character Cassie Howard (played by actor Sydney Sweeney) used the curlers in her 4am beauty routine. This post will help you get great curls every time.

Dollar Tree storefront

My Favorites Hair Products Are From the Dollar Store

The dollar store is the last place that I thought I would ever find my favorite hair products at. I usually go to the dollar store for other things, but hair products? No. Check out which Dollar Tree items made my favorite product list.