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Save The Earth One Product At A Time With SOLIDU Cosmetics

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According to National Geographic, each year about 8.8 million tons of plastic trash flows into the ocean endangering wildlife. SOLIDU Cosmetics is a sustainable beauty brand that helps reduce single-use plastic pollution by offering solid beauty products with compostable packaging.

SOLIDU Cosmetics

SOLIDU Cosmetics is a beauty brand that focuses on providing sustainable hair and body products. SOLIDU resolves the issue of plastic waste in beauty by offering waterless products packaged in compostable boxes. The product boxes are made of starch, bamboo, and charcoal.

How To Use Solid Hair Products On Natural Hair?

This was my first time using solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Below is the application method that I used and would recommend you use for your hair. 


Step 1: I thoroughly wet my hair. 

Step 2: I finger detangle and separated my hair into six large twists. 

Step 3: I wet the beauty bar.

Step 4: I used the flat side of the bar to my smooth the product onto my edges and the nape of my hair. 

Step 5: To cleanse each section of my hair, I unraveled the twist, and held my hair taunt as I smoothed the flat side of the bar from the root to the end of my hair. Then I twisted the section back up. 


Step 6: I massaged the product into my scalp under the running water.

Step 7: I rinsed the product out of my hair.

Exotic Shampoo Bar Review

Exotic by SOLIDU is a shampoo bar made with vanilla and eucalyptus. The product has a citrus smell. The product was made with natural products and essential oils. The shampoo easily glided onto my hair and lathered up very well. After using the shampoo, my hair was thoroughly cleansed. My curls were defined and soft. 

No Knots Detangling Conditioner Bar Review

No Knots by SOLIDU is a detangling conditioner bar made with mango butter. The product has a light floral smell. I enjoyed using the conditioner bar because it was moisturizing. This product left my hair shiny and soft upon application. In comparison to the shampoo bar, it took longer for me to apply the conditioner into the middle part of my hair. I would recommend this product for ladies with relaxed hair and straightened hair. From my experience, I assume that the product would lather up easier on straight hair.

If anyone has any tips for using solid conditioner on natural hair, please leave a comment below.

Do I Recommend SOLIDU Cosmetics?

I recommend you try SOLIDU Cosmetic products because they work as intended, they smell good, and the product packaging helps save the World.

If you are interested in trying SOLIDU products, I would recommend you try their “Try Me” Sets first. These sets allow you to try their products in a smaller size.


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