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A Simple Guide To A Soft Black Girl Summer

A soft Black girl summer is a stress-free summer. To have a soft Black girl summer, you prioritize your wellbeing and happiness over everything. Check out how to do so in three simple steps.


1. Put “You” First

Think about ‘you’ first. 

  • Think about ‘you’ before you agree to do something for others. Ask yourself, Can I take on this role? If I do this, will it be overwhelming for me? 
  • Do something for yourself. Engage in an activity that you enjoy. Great activities to engage in are Pilates, daily walks, and museum visits. 
  • Create and follow a daily skincare and hair care regimen. Your daily skincare regimen should include retinol and SPF. Your daily hair care regimen should include massaging your scalp. 

2. Create Boundaries For Everyone

Creating boundaries in relationships is about you creating standards and structure for how you want to be treated. 

  • Do not allow people to curse or yell at you. 
  • Do not allow people to disrespect your time. 
  • Do not allow people to “use” you. Prioritize mutual benefit relationships.

Upon initial disrespect, address it immediately. You can kindly say, “I do not like to be spoken to in that way”. 

If the person continues to treat you poorly, after you addressed it, you should reconsider your relationship with that person or the amount of time you spend around that person.

3. Don’t Give A F—!

Don’t give a f— what people say! Do what is best for you. People will talk regardless.

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