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Our Top 5 Most Popular Post of 2021

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2021 was a great first year of blogging! Thank you! I appreciate you for coming by and reading my posts. It is truly heartwarming that I am able to write about topics that interest me and build a community, while doing so.

Check out the five posts that you all seem to love and share the most.

Comment down below topics and subjects you would like me to write about in 2022.


The #30DayHairDetox Challenge Cures Dry Hair in 1 Month 

Black woman with natural hair
Photo/ Canva

The #30DayHairDetox challenge guarantees moisturized hair. But does it really work? We have all the tips and products you need to try it out now.

Everything You Need To Know Before Going To Selfie World 

Kaylannk at Selfie World Nova DC
Photo/ Kaylannk

I recently went to Selfie Wrld NOVA DC and I enjoyed the exhibit. And these are the things that I wish I knew before going.

Stick To Your News Years Resolution With This Sweat Proof Gym Hairstyle

Black girl stretching
Photo/ Canva

Click here for the best sweat proof gym hairstyle. (It is perfect hairstyle for all hair types). You no longer have to choose your hair over your health.

5 Affordable Natural Hair Products That Actually Work

Cantu and Aussie Moist Products
Photo/ Collage- Cantu & Aussie

This list has all the essential the budget-friendly natural hair products that live up to their description. Save your money and time with the products below.

5 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Every Hairtype

black woman with long natural hair
Photo/ canva

Black girls have long hair, too! And it doesn’t not have to be a hard process. Read this article for easy hair growth tips that you can implement right now.


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